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a community space in berlin that provides (         ) pathways
for     ∞     involvement in web3
and the tezos    •    ecosystem


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upcoming exhibitions

17 march – 4 april
bright moments gallery
a multisensory experience that invites the viewer to touch, see and listen. 100 jacquard-woven pieces accompanied by live-generated visuals and music. klangteppich is an invitation to slow down and feel a sense of home in our fast-paced, mobile world — wherever you may fare. it creates a calming virtual enclosure, and a physical base to rest on.
every klangteppich nft has its woven counterpart. aach pixel is mapped to a thread in the fabric, and hand-woven on a computer controlled jacquard loom.
meetup-marcel (3).png
25 – 26 march
despace berlin
octet: a two-day performance of eight vintage plotters by marcel schwittlick. join a unique experiment in the fusion of installation, performance, sound and visual art. hosted by artist marcel schwittlick, the event will showcase a performance featuring eight vintage plotter machines that will produce a distinct auditory experience.

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kottbusser damm 79, 10967 berlin

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